I want to host learning but I don’t have a bed to offer. Can I still be a BeLearner?

Yes, of course! Other Belearners who want to travel to your city can be your teacher or provide you services in exchange for you providing them with meals and/or being their tour guide.

I don’t need a bed but I want to save. Is it possible?

Yes, of course! You can save on meals and/or tour guide expenses.

How long does my listing last? Can I renew it?

Your listing will be visible on Bed & Learn for 60 days from the date on which you posted it. You will receive a reminder a week before it expires.

You can renew your listing and it will be available for another 60 days.

Is there a difference between "Teaching" and "Service"?

By "Teaching", we mean free lessons given by a Belearner to his/her host.

Example: You offer "teaching" if you are a Math teacher and would like to give lessons.

By "Service", we mean a practical or manual activity performed by a Belearner for his/her host.

Example: You offer a "service" if you are a babysitter and can take care of your host’s children.

I manage a Bed & Breakfast. Can I be a BeLearner?

Absolutely! Bed & Learn can be a great opportunity, especially for owners of Bed & Breakfasts! Some examples: Would you like to improve your English with native speakers? You can do so in an intelligent, economical, and friendly way by hosting them at your B&B.

Would you like to organize a pottery course for your guests? Renovate, repair, or paint your B&B in an alternative way? Invite someone willing to exchange his/her work for your hospitality!

Would you like to expand the culinary diversity of your menu? Host someone who can teach you the rich culinary traditions of his/her homeland by offering a holiday in your B&B, a place he/she might never have otherwise visited.

Not only that, but with Bed & Learn you can offer your B&B to those who would like to host but are unable to use their homes.

You will save money, receive publicity, and contribute to promoting a new kind of tourism based on an ancient concept, barter.

I have a company that has a lot of business dealings abroad. I think that Bed & Learn might be useful to me, but I'm just not sure how. Could you better explain to me what the advantages are?

The answer is very simple. If your business dealings put your employees into regular contact with people from all over the world then it is very likely that your employees should speak foreign languages well. The best way to learn to speak another language has always been immersion, to live in a place where that language is spoken fluently. Bed & Learn gives you a free tool to search for available native speakers willing to accept your offer of a vacation abroad in exchange for a few hours of immersion language lessons with your employees through conversation. Besides being more cost effective, it is promoting a new lifestyle based on cultural exchange.

Is Bed & Learn free?

Yes it is! NO entry fee, NO costs for listings, NO royalties for any trips you eventually organize. Bed & Learn thrives exclusively on publicity and spontaneous donations.

I have a cultural association and I like your idea. Can I also become a BeLearner?

Bed & Learn promotes cultural exchange because it was born with the intention of proposing a philosophy of a better life, not only based on economic interests, but on the integration of people. Your association is therefore absolutely welcome.

Are there agreements with organizations or Hotels/B&Bs?

This is one of our aims, namely to create a network of partners willing to give more and more vigor to this new type of tourism, encouraging operators to provide competitive prices for transportation and hospitality.

Is Bed & Learn safe?

Of course one of the first questions is if it's safe to host someone in your own home whom you've never met, or to stay with someone you've never met in a country you've never visited.

Belearners are asked to give as much information as possible about them: Name, where they are from, age, gender, a photo of yourself, a picture of the house, where the teacher will stay, if the bathroom will be private or shared with the rest of the family, etc...

Bed & Learn is deeply committed to certifying that the information provided by Belearners is accurate and true, that the place where they live is real, and that someone answers the telephone number disclosed. This basic level of credibility must be further investigated both by those Belearners who intend to travel and those who intend to host. This can be done either by using the tools provided by the site, or those provided by other software manufacturers. In fact, with the level of technology today, we can communicate in real time with people all over the world via low cost cellular phone, chat, and voice & video chat to get to know one another, even if superficially.

In addition, the Bed & Learn team will activate a short-feedback system that will allow BeLearners to gain the trust of other BeLearners according to the feedback left by those who use the site for travel or simply to get in touch with other people.

If a Belearner is using the site in a way that is against our Terms of Use, other fellow Belearners MUST report any kind of abuse in order to keep Bed and Learn safe!

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